Most of our clothing items run with American measurements and are "True to size" But some clothing brands "as we have all experienced before" do tend to run a little smaller or bigger, depending on the maker. We recommend you allow a 1-4 CM difference when selecting these items. Also taking your Bust, Waist and Hip measurements to compare and select from the guided tables before purchasing will ensure accurate size selections. If you're not too sure and would like help before making your purchase, SIGN-UP for our SCOOP EMAIL (Found at the Footer of the Website) and drop us a line or text us at 724.330.3833......  One of our reps will look it up for you! 

We offer a varied selection ranging from Petite or XS to 6XL. (Note, Not all but, some of our brands Sizes, can run 2x smaller**-) Each product will have an individualized measurement table for you to visually see and reference  comparison, please read before purchase.

All items that are not true to size, will be identifiable before making your selection and/or purchase. Look for- "Note: 2-3 CM difference, please follow charts for accurate sizing." in an item description to acknowledge that this item is not true to size, does have a CM difference and up-sizing will be necessary for best or accurate fit

If and item does not read the above statement in the description or displays such indicator words like "True to Fit" please comfortably order your actual size as a S, M, L or XL, Etc...

Something you love, Out of stock/Unavailable? No problem! Just let us know via email and we will search our warehouse inventory and try to get the item(s) for you! 

BEST CLOTHING CARE: All Rosada wear parcels are machine washable in the delicate cycle with low heat tumble dry. Benefiting most from hand washing and line drying ensuring maximum care and use.